Bandstand – green-painted iron, wrought iron from Zaragoza. Complex design of leaves and flowers. Dirty stained glass continues the theme of foliage, crawling like ivy. Sellotape attached to the posts where banners and placards from demonstrations and protests have been held up. New roof – clean fresh wood contrasts with grubby iron. USES – bands – not very often – elderly crowds reliving the past – bands usually municipal. Demonstrations. Kids playing – spinning tops/gymnastics.

Shelter from the rain.

Previously roads on both sides, but now pedestrianised, in summer blocked by terrible hip-hop crews and other buskers. Base/stage – reddish stone, looks like marble. Must have been popular at the time because there is a lot of it about. Adjacent lampposts from 1885 with the city emblem (a galleon/sailing ship) and more foliage. Large clock on post – white-painted iron from nearby Lasarte. The clock is a meeting place. There is a bar named after it. It is notoriously expensive.

There is nothing happening now. People wandering/stopping/chatting. Later there will be children. A woman goes up onto the stage for no apparent reason, but it turns out she is having her photograph taken, thus spoiling my thesis that there are no tourists about today. Children on scooters whizz about while their parents sort out a shopping bag full of new flip-flops. Water filtrations in the base of the bandstand cause chemical reactions like the inside of a cave. Belle Époque. Birds drink from puddles in manhole covers.

Below us lie the remains of the old city walls. You can see them, behind Perspex, if you go down the to the car park.

Silver spinning things on chimney pots are gleaming and glinting in the sun. Some above me to the left, requiring me to lift my head; others on the far side of the bay, right in my line of sight (providing no buses are stopped at the traffic lights).

Some people are in shorts; some people are in anoraks and bodywarmers. Someone carrying multiple loaves of bread. Tourists, pasty-faced and pointless, moving from A to maybe B. A couple start feeding the sparrows and pigeons. The pigeons widen their search while the sparrows remain focused. The man gets down on his haunches and starts sprinkling crumbs. Other pigeons gather on the edge of the bandstand roof. They weren’t there before. They preen: surely a hopeless task for these disease-ridden scruffs.

A pane of stained glass is missing, letting through the bright green of leaves and the bright blue sky. A rollerblader zigzags. A senior citizen in a fluorescent green t-shirt, cyclist sunglasses and cap. Two purple foil balloon remains are trapped in the trees.

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